Almost as important as what we do, is what we don’t do.

We don’t rely on a single technology platform or partner. Being technology agnostic ensures that the packages and programs we supply our agency clients aren’t obsolete after six months.

We have all the tools in place to help your agency expand it’s current offerings or to assist you in creating a custom solution exclusively for your agencies clients, fulfilled and delivered without any additional energy or effort on your part.

An agency's ability to be nimble and flexible with addressable marketing and data solutions is the future.

That’s the reason we do all of this. Our agency partners and resellers rely on our Logic Lab to research and understand the upcoming trends in people-based addressable media and data solutions. They know they don’t have to spend their valuable time staying ahead of the curve, we do that for them.

What is People Based Marketing?

With so many access points to the digital space for the modern consumer, how are we supposed to know which device to target, and at what time? That’s where People Based Marketing (PBM) comes in. Instead of the classic strategy of targeting specific devices or channels, PBM takes it one step further: Target the people using those devices.

By targeting the individual rather than device, we can deliver a seamless experience across all of their devices everywhere. By using this Omni-Channel approach, we can recognize consumers, anticipate their needs, and create real value and win the battle for consumer attention, connecting with real people, everywhere they go.

Google Certified SEM (Search Engine Marketing & Management)

Certified Bot-Free Targeted Email Marketing

People Based Digital Marketing Bundles

We deliver solutions for our Agency Partners and Resellers that identify and compile an audience that fits their clients needs.By knowing which consumers are actively in-market shopping for the products and services offered, we can reach and drive traffic from those customers in real-time. Delivering online shoppers that would normally be shopping your competitor’s website. We’ve created several standard bundles that allow our partners to offer Current, Relevant, Hyper-Accurate media programs to their clients. These packages are designed to increase agency revenue while delivering verifiable revenue driven results for their clients.


YouTube Video Preroll Marketing

Facebook & Instagram Social Media Marketing

Google Premium Display Network Marketing

White Labeled Creative Design Services

White Labeled Agency Order Management System

Our Programs are trusted to service some of the Top Brands


Results That Speak For Themselves

Connections measured in Quality, not Quantity. Performance measured in revenue.

Connecting Brands to People

at Every Stage of the Customer Path To Purchase.

Target Real People & Exact Households

with People-Based marketing programs powered by Real-Time Intent Based data.

Reach Hyper-Relevant Consumers

for your clients by using our enhanced data sets.

What Our Clients Are Saying

North Central Agency
50+ Automotive Clients
EpekData’s Market Builder program is superior to all the other options we looked at and reviewed in the marketplace and has added over 100%+ revenue to our agency while filling our need for a digital product offering. I find the success of the program to be strongly rooted in the quality of their data and streamlined execution of the product. I highly recommend them to agencies wanting to grow their book of business with a full service digital product that deliver great results. Our agency clients love the results they provide and the service and communication the deliver.
South East Agency
20+ Automotive Clients
Since we have started working with EpekData, we really have seen a lift at the clients we work with and service. The data targeting is spot on and all of our clients, especially our automotive dealerships, love seeing the ROI they get each month from their spends. The Google Analytics transparency and tracking is excellent. We have had 10 dealership clients on the program now for several months and unlike other channels, they are not questioning the spend, but asking what they will get If we increase spend! The best part is all of the people you deal with at Epek are consummate professionals and are always there ready to help!!!

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